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Light of You is a release from Tinch Band
A little blues, Texas & a lotta soul -available at & iTunes.
This album should be played LOUD!

Official Release: 2017

This LP brings together the sounds of singer-songwriter, rock and Texas. Amped acoustic guitar, backed by a driving rhythm section with Americana lyrics. The songs deliver a message of hope in making it through the ups and downs of life.

Official Release: 2014

The legend of two Hawaiian lovers wrongfully taken, and whose commitment to each other becomes preserved eternally in nature. A musical theater production performing the story of the Napaka flower, which is a real flower still growing on the island of Kauai today. The flower grows in the mountains and by the beach, but the petals only grow half way around the bulb. When brought together, they are complete.The musical debuted in June of 2004 scoring for a thirty-two-person cast and eighteen-piece orchestra.

This musical theatre production debuted in the early summer of 2002 combining improvisational jazz with a full cast performing poetry compositions. This abstract performance combination tells the story of a young man who falls asleep while reading and journeys through his dreams.

Montalba Outdoor Music Celebration (MOMC) is a two-day music festival that came to life in the Spring of 2000 among the East Texas hills and piney woods. With over twenty live music performances, continuous jam sessions and on-site camping, this event is laid-back and family-friendly all under the Texas sky.


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